Equipping classes for adults

Our equipping classes are a great way to learn God's word, grow in our ability to connect the gospel to everyday life, and meet new friends in a group setting. We desire to equip people for life and ministry, addressing the needs of the body by Spirit-led, Word-centered training, to produce spiritual fruit

The Book Of Ruth

Begins April 14 at 9:00am

The book of Ruth is a wonderful narrative that shows how God works his plans in sovereign ways with those who choose to follow him unconditionally. In the Hebrew Bible, the book of Ruth is considered an addendum to the book of Proverbs which ends with a description of a "virtuous woman" or a "wife of noble character." In this unusual love story, Boaz comes to call Ruth "a woman of noble character" in Ruth 3:11, the only other place in the Bible where this term is used.

Follow the story of Ruth with us as we study this remarkable book describing how she as a Moabite woman chose to follow and trust God in extremely difficult circumstances. Ruth, a foreigner by birth, followed the Lord and became part of the lineage of the house of David in the line of Jesus, our Messiah.

Teachers: Elliot Bergsagel and Peter Fowler
Meets 9:00am in the Fellowship Hall