Global Ministry Partnerships & Opportunities

         First Evangelical Free Church believes local churches send out ministry partners, both short-term and long-term. 
We send and support our ministry partners well.

                This is the application process* for short-term ministry/service projects and how we help prepare and support those we send

1. Submit the online "Declaration of Interest" form...begin by clicking "Start the Process!" below (the sooner, the better!)
2. Complete the First EFC Short-Term Ministry Service Project Application packet that will be provided to you by the Global Ministry Team (Deadline for Summer/Fall Trips: March 15; Deadline for Winter/Spring Trips: August 15.
3. Complete an interview with the Global Ministry Team, receive coaching feedback, and be approved for your trip/project
(Complete this step before you apply to a ministry agency/ministry organization)
4. Complete the application for your approved ministry agency/ministry organization (Deadlines vary)
5. Prepare by completing any training through your agency and by involvement in church body life and ministry, acting on any coaching feedback provided by the Global Ministry Team
6. Go and serve! (Keep us up to date with prayer requests whenever possible so we can better pray for your ministry)
7. Return and share with the First EFC body about your ministry experience so we can praise God together!
8. Reinvest in First EFC by putting into practice what you learned and the gifts you've honed through this process, and continue to partner with the church in following the Lord's leading in future service.

*Please Note: Not following the above process may disqualify an applicant from First EFC financial support
                                        "You will do well to send them on their way in a manner worthy of God. Therefore we ought to support such men, that we may be fellow workers with the truth." 3 John 6-8

Global Ministry Team: Nancy Willy, Arnold Willy, Tim Fellman, Sandi Fellman, Lisa Roth, Alex Toorman